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32 x 14

Packs 18,000 lbs

3A / 3B halibut, any vessel class

Walk on or medicals

Call Vavil Reutov (907) 942-5215



48 x 16.5

Packs 50,000 lbs

Fish all areas in Alaska - Halibut/Blackcod

Full deck shelter / Snap gear

Joseph Samoilov

(907) 942-5608 // (907) 435-0482 // [email protected]


Buck & Ann

Length - 56' IFQ Charter Vessel

Areas - 2C, 3A, 3B, CG, WY, WG

Class - A, B, & C Corporate & Individual Shares

Gear Type - H&L Halibut & Longline Pot Sablefish

Transfer Type - Covid, Medical, Corporate (hired master), Walk-on

Rates/Price - Competitive/Varies by Area - Aggressively Target Best Dock Price

Contact Blake Burkholder - Call, Text or WhatsApp 228.239.8051 Email: [email protected]



38’ IFQ Charter Vessel

Available to fish, “C class” - 2C Halibut: May 15th - June 15th  (possible availability in October)

*Competitive Rates Due to Direct Market Sales*

20% flat fee (based on cannery pricing at time of fishing)

Looking for Medical Transfers and Covid Transfers

Owners: Peter and Chelsea Keutmann

Cell phone: 907-518-1390 // Email: [email protected]


48 x 17

Packs 50,000 pounds

3A, 3B, 4A, CG, WG

New vessel 2020 build!

Walk-on, skipper card, or EMT

Captain Laurenti // negotiable rates

Cell: (907) 715-9246 // sat phone: (907) 928-3190 // email: [email protected]


43 x 14

3A, 3B, 4A, WY, CG, WG, BS   //   A, B, or C class quota

Packs 30,000 lbs halibut, 35,000 lbs black cod

EMTs or walk-ons. New and comfortable boat!

Pavel Kusnetsov // call or text to discuss rates

Cell: (907) 299-4881 // Sat phone: (907) 928-1197 // email: [email protected]


50 x 18


C or B class quota

Longline for halibut and pots for black cod

Built in 2014, full amenities and stateroom for walk-ons

Very competitive rates, available spring and fall seasons

Kenneth Jones

(907) 360-3456

[email protected]


45 x 14
Packs 25,000 pounds
3A & 3B halibut
Walk-on, skipper card, or EMT
Dionici (Dennis) Reutov // call for rates
Cell: (907) 299-0622 // email: [email protected]


59 x 19
Packs 80,000 pounds
2C, 3A, 3B, SE, WY, CG
A, B, & C class quota
EMT or walk-on with private stateroom
Able to do combo pots and hook line trips
Experienced skipper, professional crew, interested in long-term contracts
Patrick Lane
(907) 299-4595



50 x 14
Packs 20,000 pouds
3A, 2C, SE
Walk ons or EMTs. Negotiable rates.
Courtney Howard
(920) 918-1454


32 x 14

Packs 20,000 pounds
3A halibut
Walk-on or EMT
Call for rates
Trofy Reutov
(907) 299-1223 or (907) 235-2125

Cassidy Ann

35 x 11
3A halibut
Based in Yakutat
Medical transfers 25%
Negotiable rates
Off vessel accommodations when available
(252) 325-5616
[email protected]

Pacific Bounty

50 x 15

Packs 20,000 pounds
SE, WY, CG, 2C, 3A, 3B
Walk-on or hired skipper - private bunk in wheelhouse for walk-ons!
Dugan Daniels 
(907) 617-2506
[email protected]



32 x 14
Packs 20,000 pounds
 3A, 3B, 4A - any vessel class
Walk ons or medicals
Call for rates
Nikita Serebrekoff
(907) 399-1815 or (907) 435-0477


42 x 14

Packs 15,000 pounds

3A, 3B, CG, WY

Call or text for rates

Boat is located in Homer

Mark Reutov
(907) 299-5359
[email protected]


32 x 16

Packs 10,000 pounds

3A & 3B halibut any class size

Boat is located in Homer. Call for rates.

Mikee Flora
(907) 399-2072
[email protected]


32 x 14-4

Packs 20,000 pounds

3A & 3B halibut

Unbeatable rates for medicals, walk ons, or A shares!

Dedicated to a quality product and top dock price

David Ivanov
(907) 399-1698
[email protected]


45 x 15

Packs 14,000 pounds
3A, 3B , CG, WG, WY
Medicals, walk ons, or A shares - call for rates

Deck shelter

Arseny Polushkin
(907) 299-2640
[email protected]


34 x 12
3A halibut
Fast, comfortable, dayfishing with free, beautiful, accomodations. Families welcome!
Based in Yakutat click here for more details
Vincent Jacobson
(907) 723-3551
[email protected]


48 x 13
3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, CG, WG, WY
Negotiable rates
Walk-on or hired skipper
Dia Kuzmin
(907) 399- 3070 or (907) 928-3975
[email protected]


48 x 14-5

Packs 30,000 pounds

3A & 3B halibut

Walk ons or EMTs, call for rates

Boat is located in Homer

Arseny Reutov

[email protected]
(907) 299-3263

Pacific Star

52 x 15-8 Hoquiam Seamaster
Sablefish & halibut, all areas, B & C class
New Mustad autobaiter
Experienced skipper and professional crew with emphasis on quality production
EMT or walk-on, private stateroom for walk-ons interested in longterm contracts, references available

Sean Hovik
(907) 617-5083
[email protected]


48 x 14

Packs 40,000 pounds
3A, 3B, CG, WY, WG, 4A
Catch your quota quickly & efficiently. Committed to excellence & quality.
Alexander I. Reutov
(907) 399-3165 or (907) 235-5679
[email protected]


32 x 14
3A, 3B, CG & WG

Committed to a quality product

Walk on or EMT

Contact Matthew Martushev

(907) 299-7601

[email protected]

Black Pearl

50 x 20
Packs 80,000 pounds
Halibut and Sablefish IFQ - All areas
All amenities including sauna
Walk on, EMT, CDQ
Miron Basargin
(907) 299-0826 or (907) 435-7526 or(907) 235-1538


43 x 14

Packs 25,000 pounds

3A & 3B Halibut

Fadey Kuzmin

(907) 399-1827 or (907) 235-2651

[email protected]

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