These boats are available to fish halibut or sablefish quota. If you're interested, please contact the skipper directly. Alaska Boats & Permits, Inc. makes no endorsements of these boats or warranties regarding ad content. To inquire about adding your boat to this list, send us an email.


32' x 14'
Areas: 3A & 3B

Committed to a quality product. Walk on or EMT. Get your quota caught before the salmon season!

Contact Matthew Martushev / (907) 299-7601  / [email protected]


43’ x14’ Long Liner

3A & 3B halibut

Ready to take walk ons or medical transfers out of Seward or Homer

Very reasonable rates. 35 years experience.

Contact owner/captain Yakov Reutov at (907) 299-0962 or [email protected]


32' x 14'

3A and 3B Halibut

Packs 20,000 lbs. Walk-On or EMT.

Call or text Captain David for rates - (907) 299-4780





Packs 16,000 lbs well iced. Comfortable cabin w/ steam shower.

3A and 3B halibut out of homer or kodiak

Open to Walk-ons or EMT. Negotiable rates.

Call Greg Reutov (907) 942-0125 or (907) 435-0450



Will fish your halibut IFQs in areas 3A, 3B, and 4A and sablefish in area CG.

Experienced captain. Walk ons, EMT's, and A-shares. Vessel packs 15k well iced.

Call or text Andrean Kusnetsov to discuss rates at (907) 299-6008 or [email protected]


48' x 14'

Areas: 3A / 3B / CG. Fishing until July, starting again mid-August.

EMTs and Walk-ons. Packs 25k pounds well iced.

Boat holds a great record of getting the pounds caught quick.

Contact David at (907) 435-4184 or [email protected]




43 x 14

3A, 3B, 4A, 2C,    //   A, B, or C class quota and D class for area 3B

Packs 30,000 lbs halibut, 35,000 lbs black cod

Starlink and sauna on-board. EMTs or walk-ons. New and comfortable boat! Focused on fish quality.

Contact Pavel Kusnetsov at (907) 299-4881  //  [email protected]

F/V Magnum

48' x 14'10"

Looking to harvest 3A and 3B halibut. Packs 30-35k pounds.

Located in Homer, Alaska.

Call Lazaro at (907) 299-1601 or email at [email protected].



48 x 14-5

3A & 3B halibut / CG blackcod.

Packs 30,000 pounds. Boat is located in Homer.

Walk ons, EMTs, or hired skipper, call for rates.

Contact Arseny Reutov at [email protected] or (907) 299-3263

No Limit


3A halibut. All classes.

Walk-on or EMTs

Contact Trofy at (907) 299-1223 or (907) 235-2125

F/V Renegade

47' vessel looking to fish halibut in areas 3A and 3B and sablefish in area CG. Packs 25k pounds.

Located Homer, Alaska

Call Walter at 907-299-2096 or email at [email protected]


3A and 3B halibut out of Homer or Seward
Packs 16,000 pounds of halibut 
35% rate for vessel
Contact Larry Reutov (907) 299-4422



48 x 16

Packs 40,000 lbs halibut

Areas:  Halibut - 3A, 3B, 4A   Black Cod - CG

15 years experience

Contact Alex Kusnetsov at (907) 299-2565 or [email protected]


32 x 14

Packs 18,000 lbs

3A and 3B halibut, any vessel class

Walk on or medicals

Call Vavil Reutov (907) 942-5215



48 x 13
3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, CG, WG, WY
Negotiable rates
Walk-on , hired skipper, or EMT
Call Dia Kuzmin at (907) 399-3070 or (907) 928-3975 or email at [email protected]


48 x 17

3A, 3B, 4A, CG, WG

New vessel 2020 build! Packs 50,000 pounds.

Walk-on, hired master, or EMT. Negotiable rates.

Contact Captain Laurenti at Cell: (907) 715-9246 // sat phone: (907) 928-3190 // email: [email protected]