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September 6, 2023


40' by 12'

Packs 20k 

Fast and efficient! 

Experienced captain 

3A/ 3B halibut

Central Gulf black cod

Based out of Homer

Andrey Reutov 907 299 0711


50 x 16

Packs 45,000 lbs halibut

Areas: Halibut - 3A, 3B, 4A   Black Cod - CG

Contact Safron Kusnetsov at (907) 435-7352



August 24, 2023


32 Bowpicker

Available to fish D class halibut

Packs 4,000 lbs of Halibut

Based in Cordova, AK

Contact Darin Gilman



July 12, 2023


Looking to fish 3B / 3A

Available to go out asap

Walk on transfers, etc

Packs 25k well iced

Boat holds a good record of getting the lbs quick 





June 12, 2023


Will fish your Halibut IFQs

3A, 3B, 4A

Packs 15k well iced

Experienced captain

Walk ons, EMTs and A-shares

Call or text Andrean Kusnetsov to discuss rates at (907) 299-6008 or



March 31, 2023


54' steel boat set up with slinky pots for black cod and longline for halibut.

Looking to fish Blackcod in SE, WY, WG and CG and Halibut in 2C, 3B and 3A.

Contact Josh 907 942 2450 or email

Nushagak Spirit

May 15, 2023



Fishing CG & WY

In August/September

Have space available for walk on or EMT.

Fishing 4x6 pots with escape web for better grade

Contact Seth

907 491 1092

907 769 1156


May 11, 2023



3B, 4A, CG, WG, BS 

Hook and line and slinky pots

Private Stateroom

EMT or Walk on

Call/Text 907 308 9286


April 25, 2023


50 x 18

2C, 3A, PWS, SE WY, CG

C or B class quota

Longline for halibut and slinky pots for black cod

Built in 2014, full amenities, Starlink internet, and stateroom for walk-ons

Very competitive rates, available in the spring and fall seasons. Professional and experienced captain and crew. 

Captain Kenneth Jones

(907) 360-3456

Nip N Tuck

April 06, 2023


66 x 19

Packs 100,000 lbs black cod

Packs 75,000 lbs halibut

3A, 3B, CG, WG // A or B class quota

Hook & line for halibut, slinky pots for black cod.

Comfortable boat w/ private stateroom.

Contact Ace at (907) 240-8304 or Or Stuart at (907) 359-4240. 




3A & 3B Halibut     

Very comfortable, quality fish holds, boat has a sauna and washer/dryer

35% more or less depending on how many pounds

Deomid Kuzmin

(907) 987-0342


March 15, 2023



B and C class

Walk-on or EMT

Based in Seward

Eros Kuzmin

(907) 268-7910



Wild Fish

March 10, 2023


32 X 15

Packs 25,000

3A, 3B, CG, WY 




March 8, 2023


43 x 14

Packs 25,000 pounds

3A & 3B Halibut

Wifi with Starlink available 

Fadey Kuzmin

(907) 399-1827 or (907) 235-2651


February 27, 2023


Looking for halibut clients 

3b and 3a

D class

Packs 20k well iced 

Aftonom Kuzmin 



February 21, 2023


54' Steel longliner with Slinky Pots

Private stateroom with starlink  

SE, WY or CG

Sitka based in March, Cordova based for Spring and Fall

Packs 40,000 Black cod

Seeking Walk on or EMT

Call or Text Michael 603 493 9939


February 8, 2023


48 x 16.5

Packs 50,000 lbs

Fish Halibut/Blackcod - 3A, 3B, 4A, CG

Ports out of Homer

Full deck shelter / Snap gear

Joseph Samoilov

(907) 942-5608 // SAT: 1-509-852-4054//



58' IFQ Charter Vessel


A, B, C Class

Slinky Pots for Sablefish

EMT, Walk On, Hired Skipper

Private Stateroom W/ Bathtub, Starlink

Rates Vary By Area

Contact Dane Tebo

Call, text, or Whatsapp (757) 534-8712


43 x 14.6

3A/3B halibut

CG/ WY/ PWS black cod


20,000# halibut

30,000# black cod

Zinon Kuzmin

20 years experience

(907) 715-7576


Packs 24k halibut 


Walk on or EMT 

Contact Sam Reutov at 907-299-3772 or


48 x 16

Packs 40,000 lbs halibut

Areas:  Halibut - 3A, 3B, 4A   Black Cod - CG

15 years experience

Contact Alex Kusnetsov at (907) 299-2565 or


43 x 14

3A, 3B, 4A, WY, CG, WG, BS   //   A, B, or C class quota

Packs 30,000 lbs halibut, 35,000 lbs black cod

Starlink and sauna on-board 

EMTs or walk-ons. New and comfortable boat!

Pavel Kusnetsov // call or text to discuss rates

Cell: (907) 299-4881 // Sat phone: (907) 928-1197 // email:


32 x 16 

Packs 20,000 lbs halibut well iced

Areas 3A, 3B and CG

Walk-on or EMT 

Contact Aftonom Kuzmin at (907) 399-4522 or



Packs 16,000 lbs well iced

3A and 3B halibut out of homer or kodiak

Comfortable cabin w/ steam shower

Open to Walk-ons/ EMT/ Covid transfer

Negotiable rates

Call Greg Reutov (907)942-0125 or (907)435-0450


F/V Orion, 52’ Rawson/Little Hoquiam

Areas 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, CG, WG, BS, AI

Captain has 37 years long lining out of Dutch Harbor, experienced crew.

Snap on Halibut, slinky pot black cod.

Contact: (512) 585-1679 or



Packs 20,000 lbs

3A and 3B Halibut

Walk-On or EMT

Captain David 

Call or text for rates

(907) 299-4780


Tammy Lin

F/V Tammy Lin looking to harvest your IFQ’s

Areas 2C,3A,3B, WY, CG Class A, B and C

Also interested in C61A Chatham sablefish

Will take EMT, walk on, or Hired master

Private bunk for walk on’s

Captain has over 20 years longline experience with 13 years experience running vessels

Packs 30,000 LBS

Conventional gear for Sablefish and snap on for halibut

Southeast capped for 2022

Dylan Swanberg


Freyja Dawn

48’ Whaleback Delta LeClercq longliner available to fish WY sablefish and 3A halibut, B & C class

Set up for snap or fixed longline and slinky pot gear; combo trips available

Packs 40k blackcod, 35k halibut

Open to EMT/Covid transfers/walk-ons; private state room available

Experienced skipper and crew based in Cordova, close to fishing grounds

Competitive rates, for details call Makena at (907) 346-7838 or email at 

Dream Girl

F/V Dream Girl is looking to fish your quota WY, CG, 3A, 2C

A, B & C class quota

EMT or walk-on with private stateroom

Open availability spring, summer and fall of 2022

Experienced skipper and crew

Any questions contact Blair Martens (907) 738-5868 or


32 x 14

Packs 18,000 lbs

3A / 3B halibut, any vessel class

Walk on or medicals

Call Vavil Reutov (907) 942-5215



48 x 16.5

Packs 50,000 lbs

Fish all areas in Alaska - Halibut/Blackcod

Full deck shelter / Snap gear

Joseph Samoilov

(907) 942-5608 // (907) 435-0482 //


Buck & Ann

Length - 56' IFQ Charter Vessel

Areas - 2C, 3A, 3B, CG, WY, WG

Class - A, B, & C Corporate & Individual Shares

Gear Type - H&L Halibut & Longline Pot Sablefish

Transfer Type - Covid, Medical, Corporate (hired master), Walk-on

Rates/Price - Competitive/Varies by Area - Aggressively Target Best Dock Price

Contact Blake Burkholder - Call, Text or WhatsApp (907) 654-5054 Email:



38’ IFQ Charter Vessel

Available to fish, “C class” - 2C Halibut: May 15th - June 15th  (possible availability in October)

*Competitive Rates Due to Direct Market Sales*

20% flat fee (based on cannery pricing at time of fishing)

Looking for Medical Transfers and Covid Transfers

Owners: Peter and Chelsea Keutmann

Cell phone: 907-518-1390 // Email:


48 x 17

Packs 50,000 pounds

3A, 3B, 4A, CG, WG

New vessel 2020 build!

Walk-on, skipper card, or EMT

Captain Laurenti // negotiable rates

Cell: (907) 715-9246 // sat phone: (907) 928-3190 // email:


45 x 14
Packs 25,000 pounds
3A & 3B halibut
Walk-on, skipper card, or EMT
Dionici (Dennis) Reutov // call for rates
Cell: (907) 299-0622 // email:


59 x 19
Packs 80,000 pounds
2C, 3A, 3B, SE, WY, CG
A, B, & C class quota
EMT or walk-on with private stateroom
Able to do combo pots and hook line trips
Experienced skipper, professional crew, interested in long-term contracts
Patrick Lane
(907) 299-4595



50 x 14
Packs 20,000 pouds
3A, 2C, SE
Walk ons or EMTs. Negotiable rates.
Courtney Howard
(920) 918-1454

Black Pearl

50 x 20
Packs 80,000 pounds
Halibut and Sablefish IFQ - All areas
All amenities including sauna
Walk on, EMT, CDQ
Miron Basargin
(907) 299-0826 or (907) 435-7526 or(907) 235-1538


42 x 14

Packs 20,000 pounds

3A, 3B, CG, WY

Call or text for rates

Boat is located in Homer

Mark Reutov
(907) 299-5359


32 x 14

Packs 20,000 pounds
3A halibut
Walk-on or EMT
Call for rates
Trofy Reutov
(907) 299-1223 or (907) 235-2125


48 x 13
3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, CG, WG, WY
Negotiable rates
Walk-on or hired skipper
Dia Kuzmin
(907) 399- 3070 or (907) 928-3975


45 x 15

Packs 14,000 pounds
3A, 3B , CG, WG, WY
Medicals, walk ons, or A shares - call for rates

Deck shelter

Arseny Polushkin
(907) 299-2640

Pacific Star

52 x 15-8 Hoquiam Seamaster
Sablefish & halibut, all areas, B & C class
New Mustad autobaiter
Experienced skipper and professional crew with emphasis on quality production
EMT or walk-on, private stateroom for walk-ons interested in longterm contracts, references available

Sean Hovik
(907) 617-5083


32 x 16

Packs 10,000 pounds

3A & 3B halibut any class size

Boat is located in Homer. Call for rates.

Mikee Flora
(907) 399-2072


32 x 14
Packs 20,000 pounds
 3A, 3B, 4A - any vessel class
Walk ons or medicals
Call for rates
Nikita Serebrekoff
(907) 399-1815 or (907) 435-0477

Pacific Bounty

50 x 15

Packs 20,000 pounds
SE, WY, CG, 2C, 3A, 3B
Walk-on or hired skipper - private bunk in wheelhouse for walk-ons!
Dugan Daniels 
(907) 617-2506


Cassidy Ann

35 x 11
3A halibut
Based in Yakutat
Medical transfers 25%
Negotiable rates
Off vessel accommodations when available
(252) 325-5616


32 x 14-4

Packs 20,000 pounds

3A & 3B halibut

Unbeatable rates for medicals, walk ons, or A shares!

Dedicated to a quality product and top dock price

David Ivanov
(907) 399-1698


48 x 14-5

Packs 30,000 pounds

3A & 3B halibut

Walk ons or EMTs, call for rates

Boat is located in Homer

Arseny Reutov
(907) 299-3263


48 x 14

Packs 40,000 pounds
3A, 3B, CG, WY, WG, 4A
Catch your quota quickly & efficiently. Committed to excellence & quality.
Alexander I. Reutov
(907) 399-3165 or (907) 235-5679


32 x 14
3A, 3B, CG & WG

Committed to a quality product

Walk on or EMT

Contact Matthew Martushev

(907) 299-7601