These boats are available to fish halibut or sablefish quota. If you're interested, please contact the skipper directly. Alaska Boats & Permits, Inc. makes no endorsements of these boats or warranties regarding ad content. To inquire about adding your boat to this list, send us an email.

F/V Renegade

47' vessel looking to fish halibut in areas 3A and 3B and sablefish in area CG. Packs 25k pounds.

Located Homer, Alaska

Call Walter at 907-299-2096 or email at


48 x 14-5

3A & 3B halibut.

Packs 30,000 pounds. Boat is located in Homer.

Walk ons, EMTs, or hired skipper, call for rates.

Contact Arseny Reutov at or (907) 299-3263


48 x 16

Packs 40,000 lbs halibut

Areas:  Halibut - 3A, 3B, 4A   Black Cod - CG

15 years experience

Contact Alex Kusnetsov at (907) 299-2565 or


35' × 14'

Looking to lease 2C and 3A Halibut, all classes, as well as Chatham Sablefish.

Boat is set up for snap on gear.

Flexible schedule and competitive rates.

EMT or Walk on
Contact: Luke Thorington / 206-595-3432 /

No Limit


3A halibut. All classes.

Walk-on or EMTs

Contact Trofy at (907) 299-1223 or (907) 235-2125



Areas: 3A,3B,4A

Packs 24,000 lbs halibut 

Walk on or EMT 

Contact Sam Reutov at 907-299-3772 or


43 x 14

3A, 3B, 4A, 2C, WY, CG, WG, BS   //   A, B, or C class quota and D class for area 3B

Packs 30,000 lbs halibut, 35,000 lbs black cod

Starlink and sauna on-board. EMTs or walk-ons. New and comfortable boat! Focused on fish quality.

Contact Pavel Kusnetsov at Cell: (907) 299-4881  // email:

F/V Magnum

48' x 14'10"

Looking to harvest 3A and 3B halibut. Packs 30-35k pounds.

Located in Homer, Alaska.

Call Lazaro at (907) 299-1601 or email at



32' x 14'
Areas: 3A & 3B

Committed to a quality product. Walk on or EMT. Get your quota caught before the salmon season!

Contact Matthew Martushev / (907) 299-7601  /

Lady Ann


Available to harvest your 2C or 3A halibut.
Comfortable, quality, safe snap on operation.  Competitive rates.
Nelson Merrell (907) 957-0926


40' x 12'

Halibut: 3A, 3B  Black Cod: CG 

Experienced captain. Fast and efficient! Packs 20,000 lbs.

Based out of Homer

Contact Andrey Reutov at 907-299-0711



Packs 16,000 lbs well iced. Comfortable cabin w/ steam shower.

3A and 3B halibut out of homer or kodiak

Open to Walk-ons or EMT. Negotiable rates.

Call Greg Reutov (907) 942-0125 or (907) 435-0450


48 x 13
3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, CG, WG, WY
Negotiable rates
Walk-on , hired skipper, or EMT
Call Dia Kuzmin at (907) 399-3070 or (907) 928-3975 or email at


50 x 16

Packs 45,000 lbs halibut

Areas: Halibut - 3A, 3B   Black Cod - CG

Contact Safron Kusnetsov at (907) 435-7352




3A and 3B Halibut

Packs 20,000 lbs. Walk-On or EMT.

Call or text Captain David for rates - (907) 299-4780