IFQs & Federal Fisheries

March 24, 2024

Quota holders: are you looking for someone to catch your quota this season? Check out our improved IFQ Charters page for an up-to-date list of vessels looking to catch your quota.

The quota market is pretty active, with most of the action in 3A. Buyers are taking advantage of some of the lowest IFQ prices in years. The price for 3A unblocked is hanging out right around the $30.00 mark. For fun, that same quota was selling for $66.00 in 2017... Meanwhile, opening dock prices in the six to seven dollar range and anecdotal reports of better fishing do appear to be bolstering interest in halibut quota. The black cod quota market is still lifeless. 

This year, the IPHC is testing an electronic equivalent of the IPHC halibut logbook, via Deckhand, and is looking for vessels to participate in a no-cost trial.

The NPFMC meets April 1-9 in Anchorage. Deadline for comment is March 29. On the agenda: scallops SAFE report and harvest specs; chum salmon bycatch initial review analysis; area 4 halibut vessel caps initial review; Maximum Retainable Amount adjustments discussion paper review; and more.