Permits & State Fisheries

February 9, 2024

Offers are starting to come in for EMTs across the state. Interest in Bristol Bay was slower this week, our highest current offer is $120,000 and our lowest asking price is $132,000. The market for troll permits continues to be surprisingly steady, with hand troll permits at $8,000 and power troll permits at $20,000.

The comment deadline for the Upper Cook Inlet finfish Board of Fish meeting has been extended to February 12 - if you haven't yet, you still have a few days left to make sure your voice is heard. 

Speaking of Cook Inlet, the NPFMC is taking final action on a TAC for the Cook Inlet EEZ salmon fishery this week. This morning, the Advisory Panel narrowly passed (11-10) a motion supporting a TAC of 885,715 sockeye salmon, which they said was a conservative number that reflected the uncertainties in managing such a new fishery. The Council is scheduled to take up the item tomorrow. For context, the 2023 forecasted run of 5.1 million sockeye was 27% below last year's actual run of 6.5 million sockeye, and the 2023 harvest was 1.58 million sockeye. This year, ADFG is predicting a run of 5.72 million sockeye, with an estimated 3.72 million available for harvest. 

The Dutch Harbor state-water Pacific cod fishery for under 58' pot boats opened Feb 1 with a GHL of over 44 million pounds - the largest GHL the fishery has ever seen.