IFQs & Federal Fisheries

January 5, 2024

The IFQ market is also starting to wake back up. 3A unblocked is selling at $29.00 on 2024 TAC, and we have a standing offer of the same. Interested in selling? Give us a call!

The IPHC Annual Meeting is in Anchorage January 22-26. This is when the TAC and season dates will be set, management proposals will be addressed, and we'll hear presentations on the status of the stock. For anyone with concerns about the halibut fishery, this is your chance to be heard, so SHOW UP! For a recap of the IPHC Interim Meeting, click here

A few reminders:

IFQ cost recovery fees have been posted to eFish accounts and are due by January 31, 2024. These fees can no longer be paid by check - they must be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

All Federal Fisheries Permits (FFPs) expired December 31, regardless of when they were issued. FFPs can be renewed online through your eFish account and the new permits are available to print immediately. Fishing Pcod? Make sure your endorsement is on, and your VMS if required. 

Need 2024 landing cards or vessel licenses? Get them online here