This Week's Fish News

October 20, 2023

The Alaska Bycatch Advisory Council will hold a public meeting October 24 to provide updates on bycatch reduction efforts. Bycatch utilization is on the agenda, among other topics. Tune in on Zoom!

On that note, if you've been struggling to understand the Western chum salmon bycatch issue, the factors at play, and the alternatives now on the table, here's a great breakdown. And, for a more in-depth report on the issues, click here.

This week's Alaska Fisheries Report: The Alaska Federation is joining the feds in a suit against the state, kids on the Kenai Peninsula are getting hands-on salmon education, and a profile of Bristol Bay fisherman Dan Barr.

US retail seafood sales dropped in September, despite slight price reductions. 

A recent New Yorker article (which is definitely worth a read) exposed the use of forced Uyghur labor in Chinese seafood processing plants, which export seafood to over twenty countries, including the US. In response, Trident CEO Joe Bundrant published a statement calling for the industry to do better. (If you're looking for another in-depth look at China's massive offshore fishing operation, here's another interesting, albeit horrendous, article.)

Ready for some good news? in a new study, NOAA scientists determined that snow crab may be resilient to the affects of ocean acidification, unlike king crab and Tanners. Of course, there are other factors such as water temperature that also pose threats. But hey, I'll take a win when I see one!

Aaaand a feel good story to end on a high note: The Roedda, a tender based out of Petersburg, holds open mic nights when in port, using its fish hold as a "stage".