IFQs & Federal Fisheries

October 20, 2023

Here's a quick market snapshot for you: 1,600 pounds of unfished 3ACB sold at $25.00/lb this week. This exact time last year, similar pieces were selling around $50.00/lb. We have fished 3A unblocked quota listed with an asking price of $34.00/lb. This same time last year, that was selling at $55.00. We have unfished CGCU listed with an asking price of $7.50/lb. This time last year, it was selling at $9.60/lb. So, if you've been waiting for quota prices to come down, they certainly have. 

Undercurrent published a good article on sablefish market woes, calling the nearly 50% drop in ex-vessel prices from 2022 to 2023 a "market disaster." It's not a particularly uplifting article, but it does detail some ideas for mitigation and steps that ASMI is taking to address the collapse. The 2024 sablefish TAC will be set at the December council meeting. Anyone want to make any guesses?

The statewide sablefish TAC is 56% harvested, with AI at 10%, BS at 49%, CG at 63%, SE at 72%, WG at 66%, and WY at 81%. The statewide halibut TAC is 79% harvested, with 2C at 85%, 3A at 84%, 3B at 84%, 4A at 59%, 4B at 37% and 4C/4D at 71%. See the full report here