IFQs & Federal Fisheries

September 28, 2023

Another slow week for the IFQ market. We have a few new listings for 3A halibut quota this week, and 30,000 pounds of unblocked CG listed at a new price of $7.50 (unfished). 

What're you guys seeing on the water this week? How do you think the season will end? Shoot me an email!

The 2023 rockfish GHL in Prince William Sound has been exceeded, where mandatory retention of rockfish is in place for halibut and groundfish longliners. Managers are concerned about the status of PWS rockfish and are requesting longliners try to avoid rockfish hotspots. 

The statewide sablefish TAC is 51% harvested, with AI at 10%, BS at 40%, CG at 58%, SE at 65%, WG at 61%, and WY at 75%. The statewide halibut TAC is 71% harvested, with 2C at 80%, 3A at 74%, 3B at 77%, 4A at 54%, 4B at 36% and 4C/4D at 60%. See the full report here

At 2,483,086 pounds, Homer is still #1 for halibut deliveries, with Kodiak a distant second at 1,334,682 pounds. Seward more than takes the cake for sablefish deliveries with 5,804,169 landed to date, and Kodiak sitting at #2 with 3,509,018 pounds. Full report here.