IFQs and Federal Fisheries

August 24, 2023

IFQ activity is picking up slightly, with a sale of 3BBB at $26.00, and some interest in 3A quota. It's still not great, though. Some younger fishermen are seeing these depressed prices as a long-sought opportunity to get into the market. Unfortunately, it comes on the heels of a shockingly unprofitable salmon season for many, so while the opportunity might be there, cash reserves are low.

From conversations with a few local fishermen: while fishing in 4A is poor, there are fish - if you know where to find them. In 3B, fishing has been scratchy at best. In 3A, fishing is slow but some boats are having good luck finding fish in new spots. Again, we'd love to hear YOUR thoughts on the market. Send us an email with your thoughts on the status of the fishery or the market, and we'll share some in upcoming Fish Tickets! (Let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous.) 

The statewide sablefish TAC is 42% harvested, with AI at 5%, BS at 34%, CG at 48%, SE at 56%, WG at 50%, and WY at 67%. The statewide halibut TAC is 53% harvested, with 2C at 65%, 3A at 57%, 3B at 56%, 4A at 36%, 4B at 30% and 4C/4D at 27%. See the full report here