Permits & State Fisheries

August 24, 2023

Permits activity is picking up a bit, although permit values are continuing to drop. We sold a Bristol Bay drift permit this week at $130,000. Last year, those permits were selling around $260,000. Math is hard, but that's a pretty easy one to figure out. We have permits listed as low as $140,000 and a current offer of $125,000. We listed a Bristol Bay setnet permit at $50,000, down from pre-season sales in the high $70,000 range. 

ADFG's Blue Sheet shows the statewide salmon harvest has officially topped 200 million fish, exceeding the preseason forecast of 190 million, and the season's not over yet! Wow, well done guys. Gold stars for everyone! 

ASMI's Weekly Salmon Harvest Update lags a few days behind real time, so it won't show the 200 million fish figure, but as of August 19th, the statewide salmon forecast was 97% harvested; the pink salmon harvest was up over 20% from 2021 and at 96% of the preseason forecast; the chum harvest was at 99% harvested; the Chinook harvest was at only 73% of the already low preseason forecast, and 35% down from last year; and the coho harvest was at 36%, and already up 40% YTD, with plenty of season left.