Permits & State Fisheries

January 27, 2023

In permit news, we listed an Alaska power troll permit for $27,500, which is lower than recent sales; prices may be dropping because of the ongoing lawsuit to shut down the Chinook troll fishery. Bristol Bay drift permits continue to creep down in value - we sold a permit at $180,000 this week, and posted a new offer of $183,000 to purchase and two offers of $23,000 for EMTs, and listed an EMT available at $40,000. We sold a PWS herring seine permit for $15,000 again this week, the second sale at this price in the last few months - the PWS herring fishery has been closed since 1999. Other new listings this week include a Cook Inlet drift at $34,500 (down from previous sales at $35,000), a PWS drift EMT at $13,000, and a Southeast herring seine at $225,000.

The Kodiak Tanner fishery is still at a standstill. Fishermen in Chignik and the Southern Peninsula reached an agreement with Peter Pan in King Cove at $3.25/lb plus profit sharing, which will likely increase the total paid to fishermen, depending on the wholesale price Peter Pan fetches for the crab. In Kodiak, however, boats remain tied to the docks, and fishermen have effectively hit pause on the season, which was supposed to kick off on January 15. Processors in Kodiak have offered $3.25 to Kodiak fishermen but haven't put profit sharing on the table. Crabbers will continue to stand down until they get a better offer. There are no further meetings scheduled at the moment. Darren Platt, a commercial fisherman out of Kodiak, wrote an opinion piece on why this is a big deal. 

The results of the Board of Fish Arctic, Yukon, and Kuskokwim finfish meetings held earlier this month can be found here. BOF will hold the Alaska Peninsula, Aleutian Island, and Chignik finfish meetings February 20-25. Comments are due by February 3 has a great overview of upcoming and ongoing fisheries here