This Week's Fish News

December 23, 2022

NMFS Financial Services Division is looking for a new Loan Specialist, a position which can be held in Juneau, AK, Seattle, WA, or Lacey, WA, and can be done via telework up to four days per week. If you work in finance and you're looking for a change, this sounds like a great opportunity!

NOAA Fisheries' three year strategic plan focuses on managing, safeguarding, diversifying, promoting, and improving fisheries. 

The US Secretary of Commerce approved fishery disaster declarations for multiple Alaska crab and salmon fisheries between 2020 and 2023. This will open up federal aid and low interest loans for those affected, although it won't happen quickly. The latest Congressional appropriations bill included $300 million in relief funds.

Alaska legislators voted against accepting $20 million in federal aid to seafood processors for costs incurred during the pandemic. $10 million was approved last month, and the state intends to pay that out before the end of the year. Processors will have to wait on the rest.

The US Senate unanimously passed the Alaska Salmon Research Task Force Act last week, which proposed a panel of 13-19 members to focus solely on Pacific salmon issues. 

Just a few years ago, Alaska's crab Bering Sea crab stocks were booming. Now, the fisheries have been closed. Biologists are looking at the collapse as a warning of changes happening in the Bering Sea.

This week's Alaska Fisheries Report: a report about a forum on the Future of Fishing; a story on declarations of fish disasters; and a plea for precious flotsam.

Three years after the Scandies Rose sank off of the Alaska Peninsula, debris has begun washing up on nearby shores.

Last week, the state Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the appeal of a 2021 Superior Court decision over management of herring in Southeast. The Superior court ruled in favor of the state of Alaska last year, and the Sitka Tribes have appealed. 

As a reminder, AMSEA has a few Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor workshops coming up: Jan. 4-5 in Kodiak, Jan. 10-12 in Kenai, Jan. 17-19 in Bethel, Jan. 23 in Sitka, Feb. 4 in Petersburg, and Feb. 6-8 in Nome.