Permits & State Fisheries

December 16, 2022

In permit news: we sold a Bristol Bay drift permit for $190,000 this week, down from the previous sale at $196,000. Our lowest asking price is $200,000, and while we don't currently have any posted offers, there is quite a bit of active interest. Kodiak Tanner permit sales and leases are still chugging along. An under 60' permit, with gear, sold for $77,500, and two stand alone permits went for $67,000 and $73,000. We have an offer of $10,000 to lease a permit, and the season opens January 15, 2023.

In fishing news, there will be a commercial Tanner crab fishery in the Eastern Aleutians for first time since 2018, also set to open January 15. ADF&G released the 2023 Southeast Alaska Chinook Salmon forecasts.