Permits & State Fisheries

December 9, 2022

In permit news: we sold a 3A 5-angler charter halibut permit at $85,000 this week, down from the previous sale of a 5-angler permit at $95,000 before the season. The NPFMC will issue a charter halibut management plan at its current meetings, held this week and next. Kodiak Tanner interest has slowed, but continues to trickle in - we leased an under 60' permit at $12,500 this week, down from last week's lease at $13,500, and we currently have seven listed for sale, starting at $75,000. We posted an offer of $200,000 for a Southeast seine permit. Our most recent sale was in 2021 at $140,000 and we currently have none listed (interested in selling? Give us a shout!)

The Board of Fisheries held their Bristol Bay finfish meetings last week. If you missed them, you can listen to the audio recordings here or read through the summary here. All in all, nothing particularly groundbreaking passed, and they punted any decisions on Nushagak kings to the statewide meeting in March.

ADF&G issued the 2022 Upper Cook Inlet Commercial Salmon Fishery Season Summary, showing a sockeye salmon run of 5.2 million sockeye, 6% greater than the preseason forecast of 4.9 million sockeye, an overall salmon harvest of 1.4 million salmon, 44% less than the recent 10-year average, and an all-species ex-vessel value of $12.3 million, 53% less than the previous 10-year average.