Permits & State Fisheries

December 2, 2022

In permit news: a Bristol Bay drift permit sold this week at $196,000, down from last week's sale at $200,000 and $205,000 the week before. Our lowest current asking price is now $205,000, with a dozen permits listed. We sold a Kodiak seine permit for $36,000 this week, down from previous sale at $38,000 this summer. And we sold a Cook Inlet drift permit for $31,000, up from the previous two sales at $30,000 last month. 

Interest in Kodiak Tanner permits has subsided as we inch closer to the January season; we now have (8) permits listed for sale and no offers to purchase. A 2023 EMT for a Kodiak Tanner under 60' permit went for $13,500 this week and we currently have an offer of $12,000.

There's been renewed interest in 3A charter halibut permits recently. We currently have an offer of $70,000 for a 4-angler and $82,500 for a 5-angler. The NPFMC will take up charter halibut management at its upcoming December meeting, and IPHC will issue catch limits at their annual meeting in January. 

The Board of Fisheries has been holding meetings on Bristol Bay finfish all week, which will run through Saturday. Here's what you missed from Day 1, which focused heavily on the Nushagak king stocks, which were designated a stock of concern in October. Today, the Board decided to delay a decision on how to manage that run, as both the Board and the public haven't had enough time to digest ADF&G's recent report. The issue will be taken up again at the statewide meeting in March.