IFQs & Federal Fisheries

November 11, 2022

A small piece of 2CCB sold at $52.00 fished, this week, and a low offer of $40.00 per pound for 3A unblocked was declined by the seller. Otherwise, the market remains slow. The IPHC released their raw survey data earlier this week, but it's hard to decipher any useful information from that report until they've had a chance to refine the data and publish those fun graphs we all know and love. The IPHC Interim Meeting is coming up November 30 - December 1, and we can expect more data in the coming weeks. 

With three weeks left in the season, 17% of the halibut TAC and 32% of the black cod TAC remain on the bottom. Dock prices for halibut are still around $6.00 per pound, but they could go lower with decreased competition as many buyers shut down for the year. In Homer, the ice plant will close on November 15th for annual maintenance, effectively putting most of the buyers out of business. While ice can be trucked down from Anchorage to ice deliveries into Homer, it'll be much more difficult to get iced up before a trip. Kodiak has nudged out Homer as the top port for halibut landings with 2,513,215 pounds versus 2,366,727, and it looks as if it'll stay that way.