Permits & State Fisheries

November 11, 2022

In permit news: we sold a Bristol Bay drift permit at $205,000 this week, which is the lowest sale we're aware of post 2022 season. In fact, this is the lowest permits have been since about February of 2019. If you missed last week's announcement, both ADF&G and University of Washington Alaska Salmon Program forecasts can be found here. We have an offer of $75,000 for a Kodiak Tanner < 60' permit, slightly less than last week's sale at $80,000. We have a new offer this week of $75,000 for a PWS sablefish > 50' permit. And for PWS seine permits we have new offers of $200,000 for purchase and $20,000 for 2023 EMT. 

In fishing news: there will be no PWS Tanner crab fishery this year. ADF&G released their 2022 Norton Sound Salmon Season Summary, noting "chum and coho salmon runs were again well below the runs during the 2010s but were better than last year, while the king salmon run was poorer than last year. The pink salmon run was average for an even-numbered year and well below the record runs of the last three even-numbered years." 

ADF&G also released the 2023 Southeast pink salmon forecast, predicting a "weak" harvest at 19 million fish. That's just over half of the recent 10-year average, down 59% from 2021's harvest of 48.5 million fish, and down 39% from the average of the last 10 odd years.  

If you fish Bristol Bay, make sure you're paying attention to the upcoming Board of Fisheries Bristol Bay meeting, which will be held November 29-December 3 in Anchorage (or tune in remotely). The deadline to comment is November 14th.