This Week's Fish News

November 4, 2022

Election day is Tuesday, November 8. If you fish (or live) anywhere in Alaska, these elections affect you. If you'll be out fishing or won't be able to vote in person on Tuesday, make sure to vote early!

ALFA's Virtual Fall Expo is set for November 9. Maddie will be presenting on the permit and quota systems, and buying and selling permits, quota and vessels. Other topics include gear recycling, Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project updates, PredictWind updates, marine mammal deterrents and proposed regulations, mental health and commercial fishing, harmful algae blooms and more. It'll be fun, interactive, and educational, and it's free! Register in advance for the link.

ASMI’s annual All Hands on Deck conference will be held in Girdwood, Alaska, November 9-11. This is your chance to share information, by species and by operational program, and develop recommendations for ASMI's Board.

The Pacific Marine Expo ("Fish Expo") is November 17-19 in Seattle. The Expo has over 500 exhibitors from the marine trades industry, educational sessions on safety, business management, regulations, and fun events including live demonstrations, contests, and more! Don't miss out! 

Did you know that BBRSDA will reimburse members up to 50% for RSW tech classes? Marine Refrigeration Solutions offers periodic operator classes in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. The next class is November 13-16 in Bremerton, WA. If you're a permit holder and can't attend yourself, you can send a crew member in your place!

Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation (PWSAC) will plead guilty and pay $1,000,000 for illegally burning waste oil and jet fuel in PWS, which severely burned an employee. 

Alaska's House candidates discussed salmon and bycatch at debates last week. While they all agreed that bycatch was an issue, their action plans differed. 

Peter Pan Seafood owner Rodger May has invested significantly in LocalCoho, a land-based salmon farming startup in New York, touting the company's quality and sustainability.

A new report shows how Pebble Mine backers tried to trick regulators, downplaying their plans to regulators while touting those same expansion plans to investors. 

NOAA Fisheries Deputy Assistant Administrator Paul Doremus is stepping down to join Trident Seafoods as vice president for policy and sustainability strategy. 

This week's Alaska Fisheries Report: "Part Two of our visit to a meeting of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, the Bycatch Reduction vs. Optimum Yield Edition."