IFQs & Federal Fisheries

November 4, 2022

The quota market is still stagnant. As the season wraps up, many fishermen have already called it quits for the year and others are still scratching out the last of their pounds, racing against the weather. The IPHC Interim Meeting is coming up November 30 - December 1, and results from this year's surveys will be published in the coming weeks. Those will be telling, and typically have some effect on the market, for better or for worse. With that kind of news so close, there's little reason to go in blind when you could make a more informed decision very soon. Anyone taking bets on catch limits yet? Count me in.

Alaska's halibut and sablefish TACs are now 82% and 65% landed, respectively. 

Last week, we talked about crab (if you missed it, click here). There's another virtual Bycatch Review Task Force meeting scheduled for November 7, with a lot left to accomplish. The Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers have requested emergency action to expand the closure of the Red King Crab Savings Area and the Red King Crab Savings Subarea from just bottom trawl gear to all fishing gear with bottom contact, including pelagic trawl, pot, and longline, from January 1 - June 30, 2022. The NPFMC will discuss this at its upcoming December meeting in Anchorage and online. You may submit comments online to NMFS here by December 5, to the NPFMC here by December 2, and verbally at the council meeting (in-person or virtually).