Fish Hacks

February 4, 2022

By Laine Welch


Do you crack the crab shells with a rolling pin before cooking them, or have a special brine for smoked black cod?


The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has launched a #AlaskaSeafoodHacks program to find some of the best tricks and tips for preparing fish and shellfish.


“As consumers are buying and cooking seafood more than ever, ASMI is bringing together chefs, culinary masterminds and those who cook seafood the most — Alaskans and members of the fishing industry — to provide easy recipe inspiration and cooking tips while encouraging home cooks to share their own #AlaskaSeafoodHacks on social media,” said Ashley Heimbigner, ASMI communications director.


Through March 4 the #AlaskaSeafoodHacks campaign will showcase new hacks from experts and home cooks. Innovative and unique hacks might be recreated by culinary experts and chefs and featured on Alaska Seafood’s social channels and website.


Hacks head to Juneau – Alaska legislators and select others are being invited to sample the latest seafood hacks and haute items at the annual soiree set for Feb.26 from 5-8pm at Centennial Hall in Juneau.


The legislative reception, hosted by United Fishermen of Alaska and Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, is the second leg of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood competition in November where only first place winners and a Seattle People’s Choice were announced at Pacific Marine Expo. All others, including the grand prize winner, are kept under wraps until the Juneau event where attendees also will select their favorite.


Top winners get a free trip to the big Seafood Expo North America in Boston in March. They include Echo Falls Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon/Tapas Sliced Mediterranean by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Alaska Grown Ribbon Kelp by Seagrove Kelp Company of Craig, Wild Alaska Pollock Jerky by Neptune Snacks, Deep Blue Sea Bath Soak by Waterbody of Wrangell, Bristol Bay Sockeye by Alaskan Leader Seafoods, whose Alaska Black Cod also was selected as the Seattle People’s Choice.


AFDFD has hosted the Alaska Symphony of Seafood competition since 1994 to showcase new market- ready products by large and small Alaska companies.

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