Halibut Watch

January 7, 2022

By Laine Welch


Pacific halibut catches for 2022 will be announced at the annual International Pacific Halibut Commission meeting held online January 24-28, and fishermen are hoping for another year of increased catches when the fishery opens in early March.


Last year’s coastwide catch limit was 39 million pounds for fisheries spanning from California and British Columbia to the far reaches of the Bering Sea.


Alaska always gets the lion’s share and in 2021fishermen holding shares of the catch took 93% of their 18.5 million pound limit by the time the fishery closed on December 7, one month longer than usual. Homer, Seward, Kodiak and Juneau and Sitka were top ports for halibut landings.


The average price paid to Alaska fishermen for halibut in 2021 was $6.40/lb bringing the fishery value to $109,129,240, according to NOAA data.  That compares to a 2020 dock price of $4.12/lb and a fishery value of $61,778,449.


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